How to make $100/day on social media (With and Without followers)?

3 steps away to making your $100 a day:1. Selling Digital Products: Templates, E-books, Online Store and Online courses2. Affiliate Marketing3. Freelancing as a Creator 1. Selling Digital ProductsMost people don’t know how to make money on social media and live more intentionally. Digital products are not touchable, tastable, etc but we consume them in […]

Top 8 Skills You Need to Master in Freelancing

Remember freelancing is not a sweet dish (halwa). You need to give proper time to #freelancing if you want to earn HANDSOME.DON’T MISS THE LAST ONE1) Communication Skills: Communication skills help freelancers consult with clients on project requirements, like deadlines, materials & content. Using great verbal and written communication skills ensures accurate work and can […]