Social Media Advisor
Umar J. Qureshi | Best Social Media Marketing | Influencer Marketing Consultant based in Lahore

People introduce Umar as a “Social Media Influencer & Advisor” with over a decade experience in Social Media Marketing and Business Consultancy with sense of Graphic Design and Professional Networking. He is a Co-Founder of Folklore Magazine.

Umar J. Qureshi has worked with multi dimensional businesses in order to introduce them to the end users.

Umar J. Qureshi is also a top-rated Social Media Influencerfrom Lahore, Pakistan and has worked with many local businesses to promote them in the market.

Umar J. Qureshi is working on changing the PR games in Pakistan by designing a new system that will help both, Influencers and Business. It will be disclosed soon.

Umar J. Qureshi has worked as a Social Media Influencer in the cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi with various top-notch brands in almost every industry from Restaurants, Clothing, Sports, IT & Technology, Start-ups, Events and Conferences.

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