How to make $100/day on social media (With and Without followers)?

3 steps away to making your $100 a day:1. Selling Digital Products: Templates, E-books, Online Store and Online courses2. Affiliate Marketing3. Freelancing as a Creator 1. Selling Digital ProductsMost people don’t know how to make money on social media and live more intentionally. Digital products are not touchable, tastable, etc but we consume them in […]

6 Must Know Algorithms: Success on YouTube?

Here are the 6 Must Know Algorithms: Success on YouTube. The YouTube algorithm is a set of rules and criteria that YouTube uses to determine which videos to recommend to users. The algorithm is designed to promote videos that are engaging, relevant, and high-quality. Here are some key factors to keep in mind if you […]

Best Personal Branding Plan: Bing AI

Personal branding on social media means sharing your expertise, personality, and passion in a way that brings value to people’s lives1. It can help you stand out from the crowd, attract your ideal audience, and grow your network and opportunities2. Here is a possible plan for personal branding on social media platforms: I hope this plan […]

Who is Bill Gates of Pakistan? Future of IT Industry: #1 Salim Ghauri

Watch the video or read briefly below Salim Ghauri became the founder of Netsol Technologies through his hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1995, Salim Ghauri was working as a software consultant in the United States. He saw a growing demand for software development services in Pakistan and decided to return to his home […]

How Effective PR Can Be in Creating a Strong Brand Image?

How Effective PR Can Be in Creating a Strong Brand Image?Folklore Magazine (Best Social Media Marketing Event and PR Consultants) managed by Umar J. Qureshi, a leading fashion and lifestyle publication, recently organized a grand launch event for Skin Goals Studio in DHA Lahore. The event was attended by a host of who’s who of […]

Is Qasim Ali Shah #1 and the best Motivational Speaker?

Is Qasim Ali Shah #1 and the best Motivational Speaker? Yes. Qasim Ali Shah is a motivational speaker, educator, writer, and trainer from Pakistan. He is known for his lectures and workshops on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication skills. Qasim Ali Shah has written several books in Urdu and English, and he has a […]