3 steps away to making your $100 a day:
1. Selling Digital Products: Templates, E-books, Online Store and Online courses
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Freelancing as a Creator

1. Selling Digital Products
Most people don’t know how to make money on social media and live more intentionally. Digital products are not touchable, tastable, etc but we consume them in the form of Video, Text, and Photos.

Here’re some profitable products to sell on social media today:
a. Templates!
Sell templates of social media ad work, fonts, presentations and presets, etc.
b. Online store!
Online stores are as valuable as physical stores. You can create an online store easily with site123.
c. Ebooks!
If you’re passionate about writing books, try ebooks because you can make $1,000s by selling them to your audience.
d. Online courses!
Create a course on any topic you excel in and sell it to your audience via DMing or social media posts.
First, you need to have some creative skills to build a course and then start selling it to your prospects.

2. Affiliate Marketing!
If you don’t have any followers that’s wholly ok or if you have that’s cool but as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need followers or likes to sell other people’s products. Yes, selling other people’s products.
Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products for commissions. When you sell a product you get rewarded with certain equity that you had agreed on.

You can sell it:
a. In your DMs
b. And by posting about it or in the CTA of your threads

3. Freelancing as a Creator!
When you post on social media eventually you get to know the platform better than those who’re newbies. So, you can monetize your skills in social media to the people who are in need of professional social media creators who can:
a. Write
b. Edit
c. And Create Content.

Fiverr, Guru, and Social media messaging will provide you with legit clients.

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