A 15-steps guide to “Adding Connections to Your Social Media”!

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Here are some pointers on how to add a person on a social media platform as a friend or connection:

1. Profile Review:

Before sending a request, review the person’s profile to ensure they are someone you genuinely want to connect with.

2. Personalize Your Request:

Include a brief personalized message explaining why you want to connect. It could be a common interest, mutual acquaintance, or shared industry.

3. Be Professional:

If you’re connecting for professional reasons, ensure your profile is complete and portrays a professional image.

4. Mutual Connections:

Mention any mutual connections you might have in your request. This can establish common ground and increase the likelihood of acceptance.

5. Respect Privacy:

If the person has their profile set to private, respect their privacy settings and avoid sending requests without a proper introduction.

6. Avoid Mass Requests:

Avoid sending mass connection requests. Each request should be individualized and relevant.

7. Interact First:

If the person is active in groups or discussions, engage with their content first. Liking, commenting, or sharing their posts can help establish a connection.

8. Professional Introduction:

If your intention is professional networking, consider sending a message introducing yourself and explaining how your connection could be mutually beneficial.

9. Share Your Purpose:

Mention why you’d like to connect—whether it’s for networking, collaboration, sharing insights, or simply expanding your social circle.

10. Be Courteous:

Be polite and courteous in your request and any subsequent interactions. A friendly and respectful approach goes a long way.

11. Keep It Brief:

Your connection request message should be concise and to the point. Avoid overwhelming the person with too much information.

12. Check Compatibility:

Ensure that your professional interests, industry, or hobbies align with the person you’re connecting with.

13. Update Your Profile:

Regularly update your profile information and posts to ensure you’re presenting an accurate and appealing image.

14. Follow-Up:

After the person accepts your request, consider sending a thank-you message to initiate a conversation.

15. Unanswered Requests:

If your request is not accepted, respect the person’s decision. Do not send repeated requests or messages.

Remember, the goal is to establish meaningful connections rather than collecting a large number of friends or connections. Quality over quantity is key in social networking.

Idea is inspired by Rehan Allahwala‘s ebook:


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