Umar J. Qureshi

Social Media Marketer Influencer Marketer & Consultant

Best Social Media Marketing Consultant & Social Media Influencer in Pakistan

Social Media Marketer, Influencer Marketer & Consultant
Social Media Marketer, Influencer Marketer & Consultant

Digitally Transforming Businesses Since 2010

Social Media Marketing

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Who is Umar?

Umar J. Qureshi | Social Media Influencer Marketer & Consultant based in Lahore

People introduce Umar as a “Social Media Influencer & Advisor” with over a decade experience in Social Media Marketing and Business Consultancy with sense of Graphic Design and Professional Networking. He is a Co-Founder of Folklore Magazine.

Umar J. Qureshi has worked with multi dimensional businesses in order to introduce them to the end users.

Umar J. Qureshi is also a top-rated Social Media Influencer from Lahore, Pakistan and has worked with many local businesses to promote them in the market.

Umar J. Qureshi is working on changing the PR games in Pakistan by designing a new system that will help both, Influencers and Business. It will be disclosed soon.

Umar J. Qureshi has worked as a Social Media Influencer in the cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi with various top-notch brands in almost every industry from Restaurants, Clothing, Sports, IT & Technology, Start-ups, Events, and Conferences.

My Early Days

I started working as an independent website designer. The term Freelancer wasn’t popular back then. After completing my Masters in Computer Science in 2001, started hunting for jobs in the local market.

After failing to hunt for a job in my field, I was asked by my family to start working in an office of a relative so I learn to work in the office environment after a couple of arguments with my parents (since no one in the family has ever done a business before). 

I joined a brokerage firm on an internship without salary where they started my salary on the 6th month.

Fast forward. Resigned after 2.5 years at the position of Branch Manager.

Launching My First Online Business Selling Products

Alhamdulilah, I got married to a fashion graduate in 2010. She was already making handmade handbags and selling those in various exhibitions held at the college and university levels in Islamabad. Since I live in Lahore, she had to make a new audience for her creativity.

We made our presence online by the name of @Fatymah (on my wife’s name). Launched our collection, made advertising material for print media, explored the way how boosting works on Facebook by learning from YouTube.

This wasn’t just the launch of my online business but I was preparing to launch myself as Social Media Marketing Manager. Except for making the product, I did each process in growing this business myself in growing it. 

I spent real money on learning to boost my wife’s online business since there were not many experts at that time in the local industry to whom I could ask.

This was started with a little investment of PKR 35000 only in 2010 which included production, marketing material, photoshoot, and boosting the budget for the first time.

There were few Google Adwords experts in the market but not many Facebook Gurus. I had to face that Facebook ads can’t do anything for any business, you need to go for Google Ads to increase your business.

 was the 3rd person who opted to work in Ashraf Chaudhry’s team as a business partner in 2012 and left in mid-2017 when we were a team of more than 35 persons working remotely from the comfort of houses with monthly revenue increased to 7 figures (in rupees). Revenue-wise.

I was performing as the best team player for several months just before we parted ways.

This resulted in giving me the popularity I was craving to become known as Umair J. Qureshi


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Social Media Marketing

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Special Price for You


Social Media Marketing

Rs 50,000 Month
  • Automate Facebook Business Page
  • 15 posts/artwork in 4 weeks
  • Facebook Page Optimization
  • 15 artworks (from the set of templates)
  • I will not engage with followers of your page
  • I will not respond to any query on your page

One to One Coaching

Rs 7000 One Time

Book one-to-one coaching with an experienced digital marketing professional transforming businesses digitally since 2010. Up to 30-minute session.


PR / Influencer Campaigns

Rs 5000 One Time

Offering promotional activities / Influencer Marketing for Pakistani brands/products on my social media accounts having an accumulative following of more than 95K. If your business is located in Lahore, please send a product to review and endorse or invite to your outlet to experience your service.


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That’s one heck of a journey that set the bar high yet highlights how important it is to be consistent, aware , relevant and vibrant to succeed and moving ahead We do look forward to engage your services for prospective and potential marketing new of our product retail store soon Best wishes

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