Top 8 Skills You Need to Master in Freelancing

Remember freelancing is not a sweet dish (halwa). You need to give proper time to #freelancing if you want to earn HANDSOME.DON’T MISS THE LAST ONE1) Communication Skills: Communication skills help freelancers consult with clients on project requirements, like deadlines, materials & content. Using great verbal and written communication skills ensures accurate work and can enhance the overall quality of […]

Finding a Winning Product | Amazon Business

Finding a winning product for your private label brand is not easy at all. I have found and launched 48+ successful PL products on Amazon for my clients. Here’s the framework I use to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:1- Seasonability: • Avoid seasonal products. • Selling a seasonal product is like putting a limit on your business. • […]

Here is what I did to become successful!

I failed in my first venture. That was 15 years ago – my learning was: Coaching skills where missing I did not know my competition Social media didn’t exist, so marketing was difficult Here is what I did to become successful: I invested in learning I build my global network I stopped blindly following influencers I got 3 mentors to […]

Why Networking is important for Everyone?

Like 98% population of Pakistan, I was born in a middle-class family living with parents in a rented house in Lahore for years. I was also trained to hunt for jobs after my studies and failing repeatedly to land an opportunity to start my career with a very attractive salary as a fresh graduate. With the average salary of my […]