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Finding a winning product for your private label brand is not easy at all. I have found and launched 48+ successful PL products on Amazon for my clients. Here’s the framework I use to find profitable products to sell on Amazon:
1- Seasonability: • Avoid seasonal products. • Selling a seasonal product is like putting a limit on your business.

• You’ll be limited to a season to sell that product and won’t be able to generate any revenue in the off-season.
2- Profitability Margins: Always calculate the profitability margins of a product before selling it on amazon. Never select any product based on your emotions rather consider facts and figures.
3- Market Research: • Market research is a crucial part of picking a product on Amazon.
• It is usually done to study and analyze the customers and their demands living in a specific marketplace. • Those facts and figures help us to check the product’s viability.
4- Competitor Analysis: • Analyze the sellers of that particular product you want to sell.
• Examine their monthly sales, revenue, price, quality, ratings, and reviews thoroughly.
• After that, decide whether you’ve enough resources to compete with these sellers or not.
5- Fragile Products: • Avoid products made up of glass, ceramic, etc because such products often get broken during delivery. And this leads to a large number of refunds which can be proved to be a huge obstacle in making your business profitable.

Writer | Contributor: Maheen Agha | Almost 2 Mins Read

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