Here are 7 steps on How to Earn from YouTube:

  1. Choose your niche: Find a topic that you are passionate about and have expertise in. This could be anything from cooking to gaming to beauty. Make sure the niche you choose has a large enough audience to support your channel.
  2. Create your channel: Sign up for a YouTube account and create your channel. Make sure to fill out your profile and add a profile picture and banner that reflects your brand.
  3. Create quality content: Create high-quality videos that are engaging, informative, and entertaining. Use good lighting and sound, and edit your videos to make them polished and professional.
  4. Build your audience: Promote your channel on social media, engage with your viewers, and collaborate with other creators in your niche. Consistency is key, so make sure to upload videos on a regular schedule.
  5. Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP): Once your channel meets the eligibility requirements, apply to join the YPP. This will allow you to monetize your videos through advertising revenue, channel memberships, and other features.
  6. Build your brand: Develop a consistent brand identity across your channel and social media. This will make it easier for viewers to recognize and remember your channel.
  7. Stay up-to-date with YouTube policies: YouTube’s policies and guidelines can change, so make sure to stay informed and follow the rules. Violating YouTube’s policies can result in demonetization or even the termination of your channel.

Earning from YouTube takes time, effort, and dedication, but if you enjoy creating content and engaging with your audience, it can be a rewarding way to earn money online.

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