Ignore the Fee

To get smart answers using Google and ChatGPT, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Be specific: When searching on Google or asking a question to ChatGPT, be as specific as possible. Use specific keywords and phrases that are related to your question to get more accurate results.
  2. Use quotes: If you’re searching for an exact phrase, put it in quotes. This will help Google or ChatGPT to find the exact phrase you’re looking for.
  3. Use advanced search options: Google has many advanced search options that can help you refine your search results. These options can be found in the settings or under the “Tools” button in the search results page.
  4. Check the sources: Make sure to check the sources of the information you find on Google or ChatGPT. Look for reputable websites and sources, and cross-check the information with other sources to ensure its accuracy.
  5. Ask follow-up questions: If the initial answer you get from ChatGPT or Google is not clear or does not fully answer your question, try asking follow-up questions to get more specific information.

By following these tips, you can get more accurate and smart answers from Google and ChatGPT.

You may also watch a video on this topic here

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